Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tranquility Bay: Letter from Jay Kay

[The following letter was sent to CAICA by a former WWASPS parent.]

Dear Parents/Guardians and Friends,

In order to alleviate any more rumors we felt it was time to notify everyone what is happening with Tranquility Bay. We have had a great 10 years and our staff has been tremendous. We could not have accomplished anything without your support and dedication.

Financially TB is at a time when change has become necessary. With this in mind we have thought long and hard about our options. The best solution we have come up with is to basically transplant our Program to Gulf Coast Academy in Mississippi. I have personally visited the facility and find it to be well suited for our kids.

Tranquility Bay will continue to deal with Zero Tolerance kids from other programs. As you know the new passport requirements have held up many, many enrollments. We are confident over the next few months that parents will get their children passports.

We would ask you to contact Gulf Coast Academy as soon as possible and arrange for a transfer of your child. The contact information will be sent to you tomorrow by your Family Rep. The BBS makes it difficult to put in phone numbers as well as web addresses.

I will certainly be involved with the Gulf Coast Academy school to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. In addition to this Dr. Chappuis has agreed to assist in a smooth transition. We are hopeful that some of our staff will be able to work at the school as well. Clearly this will assist everyone.

We do not see this holding any students back, in fact, they may be able to move a little quicker.

Again, we appreciate your support and look forward to a smooth transition in this new venture. Remember, change is a good thing.

Thanks and Love,



Robert Lichfield
Narvin Lichfield
Ken Kay
Jay Kay
Randall Hinton
Dace Goulding
Dusty Goulding
Jason Finlison
Jade Robinson
Karr Farnsworth
Brent Facer
J. Ralph Atkin
Cameron Pullan
Dan Peart
Donna Peart
John Fountain
Herman Fountain
Wayne Winder
Glenda Roach
Steve Roach
Brian Viafanua
Brian Lemon
Robert Huddleston
Brent Hall
David Gilcrease

Programs believed to affiliated with WWASPS - some named in lawsuit:

• Academy of Ivy Ridge, NY (Recently withdrew affiliation
with WWASPS)
• Bethel Girls Academy, Mississippi
• Bethel Boys Academy, Mississippi (Eagle Point Christian Academy,
Pine View Academy)
• Eagle Point Christian Academy, Mississippi - (Bethel Boys Academy,
Pine View Academy)
• Canyon View Park, MT
• Camas Ranch, MT
• Carolina Springs Academy, SC (sending kids Pillars of Hope in
Costa Rica)
• Cross Creek Programs, UT (Cross Creek Center for Boys and Cross
Creek Manor)
• Darrington Academy, GA
• Gulf Coast Academy, MI
• Help My Teen, UT (marketing arm)
• Horizon, Academy, NV
• Lifelines Family Services, UT (marketing arm)
• Majestic Ranch, UT
• Midwest Academy, IA (Brian Viafanua, former Director of Paradise
• New Beginning Maternity, Utah
• Pillars of Hope, Costa Rica (working in conjunction with Carolina
Springs Academy)
• Pine View Christian Academy (Borders FL, AL, MS - previously Bethel
Boys & Eagle Point - may now be Gulf Coast Academy)
• Reality Trek, UT
• Red River Academy, LA (Borders TX)
• Royal Gorge Academy, previously Royal Peak Academy, CO
• Sky View Academy, NV
• Spring Creek Lodge, MT
• Teens In Crisis, LLC (marketing arm)
• Teen Help, LLC (marketing arm)
• Tranquility Bay, Jamaica

World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS)

Programs shut down on allegations of child abuse and neglect:
Four separate countries, all with limited child protection laws,
have shut WWASP facilities down for suspected child abuse and neglect:

▪ Casa by the Sea in Mexico ▪ Dundee Ranch in Costa Rica
▪ Morava in Czech Republic ▪ Paradise Cove, W. Samoa
▪ Sunrise Beach, Mexico ▪ High Impact, Mexico


Elizabeth said...

Hmmmm... "financial considerations". Like...authorities were considering investigating thier finances or thier financing of the Romney campaign?
I would like to cheer for all the kids coming home- but my enthusiasm is dimmed by the knowledge they are being sent to yet another WWASP facility.
Parents, please bring your teens home for real counselling and hope.
Isn't this sort of the MO with WWASP? As soon as an investigation becomes eminent- shut down and transfer? No wonder they have been able to evade real prosecution.. SO FAR.
It is my most fervent hope that WWASP, Lichfield, Kay, Farnsworth and all that have aided and abetted them will someday answer for all the abuse and pain they have inflicted on teens and families- for the almighty dollar. Truth is healing -and the truth about these horrible programs needs to be heard.
Thanks for all your work for the kids, CAICA!

Anonymous said...

You can also add CEDU family of services in there somewhere. Rocky Mountain Academy in Bonners Ferry Idaho was shut down from what I understand to be legal issues around to many lawsuits. Cedu was eventually consumed by Brown School Corporation I believe. These are actually based in the US. Hope it helps (I personally survived 3.5 yrs, and still get ridiculed because people dont believe this stuff if real).